Quick Scan QA

Quick Scan QA

The Quick Scan consists of four (4) thematic groups (Themes).

  1. Vision and Policy
  2. Organisation
  3. Learner
  4. Teaching

Each theme is divided into four different attention areas (16 attention areas in total).

How to fill in the Quick Scan QA

Keep in mind! Your answers will not be saved in any traceable way!

Before you continue please select from the below at least 5 attention areas you are interested in to run the Quick Scan. You can also select the default option. In that case please click SELECT ALL button and the quick scan will cover ALL attention areas. Completing the scan in this last way will take about 20 minutes of time.

Select Attention Areas

Select the attention areas you want to answer (minimum 5 attention areas)

Theme Vision and policy

The way leadership of the organisation creates the conditions for a culture of quality and continuous improvement

The way arrangements are made to create commitment and involvement for the institute's policy

The way the institute is making arrangements to assure for equal opportunities and an inclusive climate

The way the institute is actively engaged in the prevention of drop-out

Theme Organisation

The way the institute is dealing with feedback information to deal with its responsibilities and achieve its mission and objectives

The way the institute deals with talents, skills and ambitions of teaching staff

The way the institute deal with employer involvement to achieve its mission and objectives, and to create attractive and up-to-date education

The way the examination or certification is valued by different stakeholders, especially employers and learners

Theme Learner

The way the institute prepares learners for making a proper choice prior to the start of a study program

The arrangements an institute makes to help learners to develop a career path which matches their talents

Arrangements the institute makes in different areas to support learners in need

The arrangements the institute makes to develop the international context of a profession and related transversal skills and competences of learners

Theme Teaching

The way the institute arranges for input and feedback from the professional domain

Teaching methods are used which are effective, efficient and inspiring

The way the institute arranges for different supporting educational roles

The way the institute arranges for good learning conditions during apprenticeship and/or WBL

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