Staff involvement


The “Staff involvement” tool intends to generate feedback regarding the current way management of an educational institute/organisation is capable of involving staff in initiatives to enhance the quality of education.


The feedback of this tool offers insight in whether staff is truly involved in the planning, implementation, evaluation and review of an educational institute’s/organisation’s quality initiatives.

How to fill in the “Staff involvement” tool

Please indicate for each of the following statement whether this is the case within your institute and to what extent by simply ticking the appropriate answer box below each statement. Get feedback report accompanied by a spidergraph representing scores on specific areas at a 4-level evaluation scale (4 for Completely, 3 for Largely, 2 for Somewhat, 1 for Not). Completing the Staff involvement tool will take about 10 minutes.

⇒ All our quality initiatives are rooted in our vision on education of our institute
⇒ In our institute we carefully prepare and plan our improvement activities as well as the related resources (staff, time)
⇒ Within our institute managers show exemplary behavior when it comes to quality, feedback and improvement
⇒ Within our institute managers show their commitment to the selected improvement activities
⇒ In preparing a quality initiative managers successfully involve staff at all levels of our institute
⇒ In our institute there is a climate which helps us to learn even from mistakes
⇒ Our initiatives take into account the different needs of customers: students, employers, authorities, teachers, supporting staff etc.)
⇒ Our quality initiatives are supported by proper communication which attends to the information needs in all stages of the process
⇒ We have clear ideas of tangible impact for our institute as well as for our stakeholders and on what will happen in case we would not take any action

⇒ Our management supports the staff when implementing a quality initiative
⇒ We choose to undertake only those quality initiatives which are seen as valuable by all staff
⇒ In our quality initiatives we involve management and/or board at the highest level possible
⇒ Our management pays careful attention to signals of stress and anxiety during the process of implementation
⇒ During implementation we carefully plan to increase the involvement of staff and built on their feedback and experiences
⇒ Staff is only made responsible for those tasks of the quality initiative which they can control
⇒ Our management recognize and reward staff input and efforts
⇒ In a quality initiative attention is paid to cover potential training needs

⇒ In our institute evaluation has grown to become a kind of attitude though which we are able to offer the best education possible
⇒ In our institute evaluation and reflection are also considered vital aspects of teaching itself
⇒ In our institute safety, openness and respect are core values which support meaningful and effective evaluation
⇒ In our institute the staff is highly valued
⇒ Our managers encourage each staff member to contribute to the evaluation and the way forward
⇒ When we evaluate our quality initiatives we involve all of the related stakeholders

⇒ Suggested improvements are discussed and supported by staff and stakeholders
⇒ The information we collect is really used to improve our education
⇒ Our institute has well planned for the proper amount of resources and staff facilities which are needed to improve (already covered)
⇒ Our improvements take into account whether we can simplify our current processes
⇒ We arrange for follow-up and monitoring of our improvements
⇒ Our improvement is considered to be a step in an ongoing process

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